Charges & Fees

.  Initial Assessment  135.00
All clients who have decided to seek therapy from me will need an initial assessment. This generally involves a visit to the home which will last up to 90 minutes. I will assess what type of input may be required (if any) and suggest a package of treatment therapy and/or advice which will address those needs. Frequency of sessions in a package is variable and can be tailored round your commitments.

.  Therapy/ Advice Sessions  80 an hour 

Where Therapy is the agreed option, between 1 and 8 sessions is typical, weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on what type of treatment is required. The pattern can be varied to fit round other family commitments. You pay for the hour of therapy, and the charge includes my preparation time before the session, analysis after the session, any printed resources which I leave with you and the cost of any telephone calls I need to make. In some cases there will be an extra charge per session because of additional petrol costs (see below for guidance).

.  Short Report  300.00

A short report will generally be available following one initial assessment session and at least one Therapy Session. This will detail findings so far, often from observation and analysis of progress in therapy.  It may have formal assessment results within it if undertaken at this point and possible for the child.

.  Detailed Report   600.00

A detailed report will require at least 2 assessment sessions, 4 therapy sessions or a mix of the above before it can be produced. If possible it will have formal assessment results within it, if the child is able to complete these.

.  Travelling Expenses

For travel of less than 15 minutes each way (30 minutes in total) there is no extra charge.
If it takes me longer to reach you than this ,there will be an extra charge for time and petrol.
Please enquire for more information on how much this will be for you.

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