My Further Training

Therapy Training in

Derbyshire Language Scheme Training

Word Level Cognitive Neuropsychology (Sadie Lewis)

Developmental Cognitive Neuropsychology - The Basics

Intensive Interaction

TEACCH Introductory Training

Developmental Cognitive Neuropsychology in Action

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

ICAN Living Together & Working Together

Higher Functioning Autism & Asperger Syndrome - Developments in Understanding & Practice

Working with Children with Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties

Collaborative Practice - Deafness and Hearing Impairment

Makaton Workshop to level 3A

Musical Approach to Developing Communication (1:1 & Groups)

Communication Matters Conference (Alternative and Augmentative Communication - AAC)   September 2003

Sentence Level Cognitive Neuropsychology (Sadie Lewis)

Complaints Management


PECS & Managing Challenging Behaviour


Whose Meaning Matters Most?

PECS Across the Day

Talking Mats

The Listening Program

Intensive Interaction Conference 2007

Studio III Training (challenging behaviour)

Equality, Diversity & Rights

Sensory Integration Part 1 (accredited by Cardiff University)

Communication Matters Conference (AAC) 2007

Running Social Skills Groups (Alex Kelly)

Brain Gym

Liberator Training (AAC) AM

PECS for older students & Adults

Communication Matters Roadshow 2008

Sensory Integration Part 2 (accredited by Cardiff University)

Relationship Skills (Alex Kelly)

Training for Trainers

Intensive Interaction Conference 2010

Socialeyes Facilitator Training

Elklan Tutor - Can Run Elklan Courses

Linda Robinson
Independent Speech
and Language

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