Speech And Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapists deal with all aspects of communication and generally
where a person has good communication skills, the various aspects of communication
are forgotten. In reality communication is a complex process which can break down at
any point in the chain. Some of the skills communication requires are:

.  Ability to understand non-verbal cues (gesture, facial expression, eye contact etc)
.  An understanding that the rules of communication change depending on who you
   are with and where you are
.  Understanding of spoken language/sign language/written language
   (and the ability to hear or see this)
.  Ability to interpret the way something is said (intonation)
.  Understanding of the meaning of single words
.  Understanding of concepts (colour, shape etc)
.  Understanding of grammar, and how the order of words changes meaning
.  Ability to make words through using speech sounds which are understandable
   by others (or to sign these words instead,
   or use a communication aid to speak for you)
.  Ability to correctly sequence speech sounds if using spoken language
.  Ability to use grammar to create sentences
.  Ability to use intonation patterns in speech to convey meaning
.  Ability to use non-verbal cues to convey meaning
.  Sufficient memory skills to monitor all these areas and interpret these various
   information streams as one whole message.
Linda Robinson
Independent Speech
and Language

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